2 comments on “Do Cheaters *Always* Win?

  1. Excellent post! This is a great compilation of the various academic cheating scandals that are inevitable result of foolish educational policies like NCLB. I will surely use this as a reference.

    Also, cheating in education is also a consequence of the enormous stakes involved in education today. One has to be pretty tough not to cheat, considering the implication for one’s future. See also here:

    Studies Show More Students Cheat, Even High Achievers – NYTimes.com

    • Thanks JayMan! Unfortunately, you’re right about the high-stakes nature of today’s education. Combined with even higher stakes for attaining employment and the push to get all students to go to college (which may exacerbate the student loan debt problem), we get an increasingly hopeless situation.

      As for the NYT article you found, it’s interesting how they mention this:

      Experts say the reasons are relatively simple: Cheating has become easier and more widely tolerated, and both schools and parents have failed to give students strong, repetitive messages about what is allowed and what is prohibited.

      Strong, repetitive messages? Without strong actions to back up such “messages”, some cats (students and staff alike) may simply tune them out and carry on with “business as usual.” Interestingly, the info in the article – combined with the evidence in my post – suggest the cheating relationship may be non-linear insofar as student ability is concerned; this doesn’t even include the other academic/administrative cheating factors I mentioned! Hence, what I plan to do as a “next step” with all this research (when time allows) is see if I can devise a model for reducing both academic and administrative cheating. A preliminary look at the evidence suggests the model could take the form of an optimization problem. Finding solutions to said problem, however, will be a difficult challenge…

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